Friday, November 25, 2011

{Fabulous Fifties} Denver Children's Photographer

I premiered this session slideshow a couple of months back, but with the craziness of the holiday season upon us I didn't get a chance to share the individual portraits...until now!  This stylized session was put together by my best friend's husband as a surprise gift to her for her birthday. We plotted and planned and came up with a fun, dramatic shoot that knocked her socks off...or at the very least, brought happy tears to her eyes!  Major kudos to Jackson and Allie for totally "bringing it" to this session, and to Gunther Toody's for allowing us to use their  restaurant as our quintessentially perfect backdrop!  And of course, thanks Tyler for making the session happen in the first place!

Enjoy the blast from the past!

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Lisa Weik said...

I just love looking at these! You're probably sick of me telling you (and everyone) how talented you are, but too bad! YOU are very very good at what you do! Thank you again for these and I am so proud of you!