Saturday, November 19, 2011

{Baby Neli} Castle Rock Newborn Photographer

Sweet, beautiful Neli came to my studio at 9 days of lucky am I?  Her mama and daddy are actually my neighbors here in Castle Rock, and since my studio is in my home, her commute was quite easy.  She was a dreamy, perfect little babe.  She slept the entire time (around day 14 babies tend to "wake up!" which is why I prefer getting them into the studio before that age).  I adore her golden red hair, her smooshable lips and her tiny, perfect fingers and toes.  She is, in a word, perfection.


Neli is the 4th girl in the B family, and I do declare that Mr B is quite outnumbered at this juncture.  By the smile on his face it seems he doesn't mind a bit, if you ask me!  Thank you Mr and Mrs B for sharing your darling little one with me - it was an honor capturing her!

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