Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{D Family} Castle Rock Family Photographer

My schedule this fall has been filled with the most lovely, wonderful and dear repeat client families.  I love (adore!) seeing the children grow and change and develop little personalities.  It is the same joy I get watching my own children grow and change.  The D family was in front of my lens for the 3rd time a few weeks back.  Previously in 2010 there was a maternity/family session, then a newborn session, and now a family of 4 session! We met in downtown Castle Rock to explore our quaint town with a smiling Emery who has just turned one and a curious Merrick who is nearing three.  I love this family even more because the beautiful Mrs D was my own son's 1st grade teacher last year.  She is an exceptional teacher and has played a huge role in the molding of my son.  She even continues to be an ear for me when I have questions and concerns.  She has taken a year off from teaching to be with her beautiful babies, but the teacher in her is always present.  And lest I forget Mr. D, they say behind every great man is a great woman but I say the same is true the other way around - behind every great woman is a great man.  Thank you D family for letting me peek into your family for the morning.  It was a delight!

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Lisa Weik said...

LOVE the one with the Daddy kissing the baby girl! So stinkin' sweet!