Friday, November 25, 2011

{Fabulous Fifties} Denver Children's Photographer

I premiered this session slideshow a couple of months back, but with the craziness of the holiday season upon us I didn't get a chance to share the individual portraits...until now!  This stylized session was put together by my best friend's husband as a surprise gift to her for her birthday. We plotted and planned and came up with a fun, dramatic shoot that knocked her socks off...or at the very least, brought happy tears to her eyes!  Major kudos to Jackson and Allie for totally "bringing it" to this session, and to Gunther Toody's for allowing us to use their  restaurant as our quintessentially perfect backdrop!  And of course, thanks Tyler for making the session happen in the first place!

Enjoy the blast from the past!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

{Baby Neli} Castle Rock Newborn Photographer

Sweet, beautiful Neli came to my studio at 9 days of lucky am I?  Her mama and daddy are actually my neighbors here in Castle Rock, and since my studio is in my home, her commute was quite easy.  She was a dreamy, perfect little babe.  She slept the entire time (around day 14 babies tend to "wake up!" which is why I prefer getting them into the studio before that age).  I adore her golden red hair, her smooshable lips and her tiny, perfect fingers and toes.  She is, in a word, perfection.


Neli is the 4th girl in the B family, and I do declare that Mr B is quite outnumbered at this juncture.  By the smile on his face it seems he doesn't mind a bit, if you ask me!  Thank you Mr and Mrs B for sharing your darling little one with me - it was an honor capturing her!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{D Family} Castle Rock Family Photographer

My schedule this fall has been filled with the most lovely, wonderful and dear repeat client families.  I love (adore!) seeing the children grow and change and develop little personalities.  It is the same joy I get watching my own children grow and change.  The D family was in front of my lens for the 3rd time a few weeks back.  Previously in 2010 there was a maternity/family session, then a newborn session, and now a family of 4 session! We met in downtown Castle Rock to explore our quaint town with a smiling Emery who has just turned one and a curious Merrick who is nearing three.  I love this family even more because the beautiful Mrs D was my own son's 1st grade teacher last year.  She is an exceptional teacher and has played a huge role in the molding of my son.  She even continues to be an ear for me when I have questions and concerns.  She has taken a year off from teaching to be with her beautiful babies, but the teacher in her is always present.  And lest I forget Mr. D, they say behind every great man is a great woman but I say the same is true the other way around - behind every great woman is a great man.  Thank you D family for letting me peek into your family for the morning.  It was a delight!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

S Family {Castle Rock Family Photographer}

One of my favorite families! I love photographing the S family. They are laid back and chill, and up for having fun. Their boys, Aaron and Riley, are so handsome (I missed seeing their eldest son Evan this year!), and so sweet and polite.  Aaron is 12 years older than Riley, and is sweet and patient with his little brother - an awesome trait for a big brother to have.  Riley is almost 3 and I started capturing him at Primrose School of Castle Rock when he was just a baby, and now, 3 years later, he's on the move and talking up a storm.  It's a treat to see the little ones grow up over the years.  And Diane and Jim, well look at their portraits, their love is so apparent and so sweet - nothing insincere going on there, all love and respect.  I love that.  Thank you again S family for inviting me into your hearts for the afternoon!

Outnumbered by Y Chromosomes...
October 15, 2011
Castle Rock Photographer, Colorado
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