Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Portraits 2011 {Castle Rock Photographer}

I'm so beyond behind with posting blog posts of recent sessions.  It happens every year at this time.  Too busy shooting, not enough time to share.  I hope, if you are a follower of Crib Tales Photography, that you will take a moment to check out my Facebook fan page as well - I frequently add "sneak peeks" to that page, as well as posting the most up to date info on mini sessions, special offers, and more.  Please stop by and say hi over there, I'd love to see you!

That all aside, I have put together some of my favorite portraits from this season's holiday sessions.  I hope to do some catch up on full session posting in the month ahead, but I thought I'd share a few and take the time to thank YOU for a wonderful year for me and my business! I can't thank you enough for choosing me, entrusting me, with your family's precious memories.  It is an absolute honor and joy capturing your beautiful families, adorable children and itty-bitty-days-old-newborns.   I feel so blessed to have a job that I love, and the amazing clients who have been in front of my lens over the past 3 years.  It has been a great year for Crib Tales, and I look forward to a fabulous year ahead!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Christmas {Personal}

Uploading my personal portraits to my professional blog is sort of making me feel out of place, but at the same time, I kept a personal "family blog" for over 6 years now (Tales from the Crib) and as my business has grown my personal blog has suffered. Once upon a time I shared our family portraits, stories and goings-on with family and friends through that blog.  And the more I have worked, the less I have been able to keep that personal space updated.  Tonight I decided to forgo the personal blog and add my personal blog post to my professional page.  Such a large part of my business is being able to relate to families, children and newborns, and being a mama to my own two sweet, rowdy boys helps me in that area a great deal!

Our family spent Christmas here in Colorado.  My own mama was supposed to come visit us for the holidays but sadly the blizzard we got just a few days back shut down the highway she would take to get here, so she spent the holiday with my sister and we spent the holiday as a family of 4.  The boys were over the moon excited for Santa's big visit (I'm wondering how many years of that I have left, especially from my quizzical 7 year old who can't quite sort out how Santa can hit up ALL those houses in such a short amount of time).  We opened gifts and enjoyed a big, fat meal with our dearest friends (I was too busy cooking Prime Rib and 'taters to capture any pictures of the meal or our time spent with them).  It was quiet and fun and peaceful and perfect.  Exactly, in my opinion, what the holiday is all about.

Checking his list and letter to Santa

Yep, I love them, big time.
 Letters and cookies for Santa.  If you can't read Holden's it says:
"I hope you had a great trip, December is my favorite holiday, from Holden" 

My present - caffeine at the push of a button!

The aftermath...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

5 Days Fresh {Castle Rock Newborn Photographer}

Welcome Declyn Reid!  Five days new and a sweet and sleepy dream to photograph. 

5 Days Fresh
December 2011
Castle Rock Newborn Photographer
crib tales photography -  in the studio!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

P Family {Monument Family Photographer}

 I hit up Monument for these family portrait on perhaps the windiest day of 2011.  It was chilly, windy and hectic, but like pros, the Pike family took it all in stride!  We opted to stay close to their home that day, which was fine with me.  They live in a darling (I mean DARLING) house that Mr Pike actually grew up in, decorated with Mrs Pike's tasteful  and delightful vintage flair.  They also have some major land around their house so it was a truly idyllic spot.  Plus it gave the wee-little Pike children a place to warm up in between their own portraits.  I love how sweet and loving this family is - I think the little ones are a perfect match for my little vintage girl and boy logo, too, dontcha think?

We snuck in a quick headshot for Mr Pike, who is on the District 38 school board - all school board leaders should be as dapper as he is!

Thank you Pike family for being just the awesome people that you are!