Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby O - Castle Rock Newborn Photographer

How lucky am I to get to do what I do!?  This is the 3rd time I've captured the D family, and this time there was a new addition to the bunch!  Baby O was in top modeling form, flashing his sparkling eyes and sweet baby smile.  I swooned...  And I loved getting to see his big sister again, too.   Actually, Ella's been in front of my lens 4 times now - I photographed her at Primrose two years ago as well.  She's grown into such a beautiful and outgoing young lady, and a wonderful big sister, too.  Baby O is so lucky to be surrounded by all the love in his life!  Congratulations D family - enjoy this amazing time!

Castle Rock Infant Photographer
August 13, 2011
Castle Rock, Colorado
crib tales photography -  studio!
Oh boy!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Courting - A Vintage Love Story: Castle Rock Child Photographer

I'm a slightly theatrical person.  Scratch that, I'm completely 100% theatrical. I have a degree in it, dontcha' know!  I've always, always loved the theatre - everything about it.  The costumes, the lights, the plot, the music, the backstage scurry.  I have the fondest memories of my own time spent on my college stage.  My resume holds rolls like Emily in Our Town, Laura in Glass Menagerie, and Shelby in Steel Magnolias.  I had visions of Broadway!  Never mind the story that took me from that dream to the dream I live now - living in a quaint small town with two amazing little boys, my sweetheart of a husband, and a career as a photographer that I adore.  I can still make the theatrics happen, just in a different medium.  

So I had a vision a few weeks ago - a vintage vision.  Because beyond the theatre I also love all things vintage.  I wanted to create a series of portraits that showed a combination of the "vintage" and the "theatre."  I coerced a couple of little ones into helping me (my son Holden and my friend's daughter Allie), and enlisted my friend Lisa with marshmallows and handy wipes.  We hit the trail for Sedalia and discovered the "look" we were going for.  The train tracks.  A vintage tow truck.  An open field.  We let the story tell itself...

(We did attract a few on-lookers during our adventures.  One fellow - a life-long Sedalia resident- actually stopped his truck on the train tracks and give directions to the kids.  Another gentleman gave us permission to use his yellow truck.  And several cars slowed down to watch as we frolicked in the nearby field.)

Courting - A Vintage Love Story

Castle Rock Child Photographer
August 14, 2011
Sedalia, Colorado
crib tales photography -  on location!
Vintage Love.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Girl - Castle Rock Colorado Baby Photographer

Did you know that my studio is in my home here in Castle Rock, Colorado - located in a beautiful little neighborhood in The Meadows?  We absolutely love living here, being involved in our community, and watching our boys grow and go to nearby schools and make what we hope are lifelong friends.  It is what I love about our community, and also why I love having a studio in my home.  If you come to a studio session (for newborns and little ones who aren't quite walking) you will likely meet my family - I shuttle them down to the basement with their Daddy when I'm working.  But they are here likely playing the Wii or outside in the sandbox, and when I wrap up a session usually they come up to meet my clients.  After all, my clients are usually totally entertained by the 4 and 7 year old boys who light up the room when they see babies smiling and cooing.  

The other reason I love using my home for studio sessions is because the props I use are a part of my life.  The crate I use frequently was a $3 garage sale find when I first moved to Seattle - it is now a coffee table in our living room, and a prop in my studio.  Bowls and baskets are gathered (and washed!) from throughout my house for each studio session.  Chairs are moved from my dining room, boys' rooms, and even my family room.  Accessories are from my frequent trips to local antique shops - my favorite is The Barn here in Castle Rock.  Or even the Task Force Thrift shop!  These accessories live in my home, and then are moved weekly for my weekend sessions.  I also sometimes stray from my studio into the living room to utilize the hardwood floor and my front door for gorgeous light.  Look closely - if you see hardwood floors in my portraits, they are not fakes.  They may have scuffs from a light saber or roller skates though!

 I put a lot of my life and myself into my portraits, and I hope that shows through in my work.  

And now, a session that took place all over my house - not just the studio.  This is my niece Chloe who visited us earlier this month.  You've seen her before.  My how she's grown!  My heart overflows with love for this gorgeous girl, and her sweet, beautiful Mama!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

B Family - Littleton Colorado Family Photographer

Sometimes I meet a family and just completely click with them and the time together just flies by.  That was the B family for me.  They found me after they saw their friend's portraits - The F Family.  I {love} referrals!  Makes me so happy to see connections amongst my clients, and even better when I feel like I've made new friends in the process.  

We met up at my uncle's house in Roxborough Park - a private home with lush gardens and views of the stunning red rocks that dart up in this secluded area of Littleton.   We had a tea party amongst the flowers with Izzy and Annie (how sweet are their names!?) and their gorgeous parents laughed and played with their sweet girls, and even snuck in a kiss or two...I love when that happens.

And a side note - I'm sharing all black and whites for their session because I love how the contrast works with their wardrobe choices.  There were plenty of bright, full color portraits in their final collection, though!

B Family - Littleton Family Portraits
June 26, 2011
Littleton, Colorado
crib tales photography -  on location!
Tea Party!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

H Family - Castle Rock Colorado Children's Photographer

As most of my regular readers know, I have two sweet, funny, wonderful little boys whom I adore with all my heart and soul.  I feel so blessed to be a mama to two little boys.  So that being said, I love when I get a splash of pink in my studio every once in awhile.  Especially one as wide-eyed and precious as this little one!  She stole my heart with her big, soulful brown eyes, and petal perfect mouth.  And just so I didn't get tooooo pinkified, we let big brother in on a few portraits at the end of our session.  He's pretty darn handsome himself, I must say!

H Family - Castle Rock Children's Photographer
June 2011
Castle Rock, Colorado
crib tales photography -  studio!
Sugar and spice and everything nice...