Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fall School Pictures

My memory of my school picture day includes a fake background of trees, a jar of used combs, and a corny photographer telling me to "say cheese" before blinding me with his flash... yuck!

That is so not my style of photography. So when a local private school asked me to do their fall picture day I a) jumped at the opportunity and b) envisioned dozens of children being candidly photographed in the beauty of the great outdoors! I did not envision snow. But that's what we September!! But we just carried on, moving the shoot indoors beside a big, light-filled window. And while taking pictures of an entire school was definitely something new for me, capturing the beautiful faces of adorable children was not! It really was so much fun to capture so many children in such a short time frame. And I'm just thrilled with how the images turned out -- even without the fake trees background ;-)

A special thank you to the Primrose School of Castle Rock, their amazing staff, adorable children, and awesome parents. I hope we can do it again next year -- on a sunny day!

A few of my faves (though there were many, many favorites from this session!):

PS - you may recognize a few of these faces from other sessions...several parents booked a photo shoot for their whole family after the school pictures came out!


Danielle said...

I love them, Amy!! They are beautiful! I wish more schools had photographers like you around!


Tales from the Crib said...

Thank you Danielle!