Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day Surprise - Castle Rock Children's Photographer

A surprise portrait session just for their Daddy - how sweet is that?!  Mama sent him out for groceries and then snuck away for our session.  I took the kiddos to one of my favorite local spots to shoot and just let them run around and  play.  It was a gorgeous afternoon and the three of them did wonderfully!  So full of energy and life.  Thank you so much S family for allowing me to capture your big surprise for Daddy - and all the very best of luck on your new adventures!  

Father's Day Surprise - Castle Rock Family Photography
May 29, 2011
Castle Rock, Colorado
crib tales photography -  on location!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

B Family - Littleton Family Photographer

Happy Father's Day from crib tales photography!  I love that I get to share with you a beautiful family on this day.  I captured the B family last weekend in downtown Littleton, and as I saw the toe-head blond children heading towards me that day, not to mention the rock-star-gorgeous couple carrying them, I knew we were in for a totally awesome session.  We hung out.  We played.  We blew bubbles. Some of us may or may not have eaten grass.  It was, in a word, perfect!  Check 'em out!

Oh, hello gorgeous couple...
 ...and your equally gorgeous kiddos...
 Who doesn't love a Daddy snuggl'n with his two best girls?  Presh!
 Mama's girl, all the way.  Little one was ready for some giggles and some posing and later on, some grass eating (guess you had to be there)...
 Bam!  As cute as they come!
 Yup, Caaa-uute!

Thanks so very much B family - hope you have a wonderful time while Grandma is visiting, and hopefully I will see you again soon! (maybe at Treehouse!)

B Family - Littleton Family Portraits
June 12, 2011
Littleton, Colorado
crib tales photography -  on location!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

F Family - Cruise with me baby... Denver Colorado Family Photographer

This family, oh my, gorgeous!  How do I get so lucky to have such beautiful clients?? This was so much fun.  Lisa and fam were not once but twice rescheduled due to freaky spring weather woes.  We finally got them back on the schedule and she approached me with a fun idea for a more stylized session...a vintage car that her friend was refinishing.  It was still in its rustic stage but was drivable and more important, very kid-friendly.  We met at a downtown Denver tortilla factory (yeah you read that right) where her friend stored his car (separate from the tortillas mind you) last weekend and immediately clicked.  It was just fun being in their family's presence!  We played around for well over an hour just checking out the 'hood, finding cool structures to photograph against, and oh yeah, they did some kiss'n, too!  What a totally cool and loving family! You could absolutely feel the love, as they say.

And the result, well, it was just magical!  I can't thank you enough Lisa, David, Samuel and Gabriella.  You allowed me to capture you all in a very cool way;  I just love having the opportunity to be creative and fresh with portrait sessions.  Thanks for rock'n it out!  

And if I may, I have to share Lisa's response to her images - it just made my day:


I can not thank you enough.  You are truly amazing.  From the time you took to get to know us and our vision to your finial product packaging to your amazing talent you have been beyond fantastic!  Thank you for capturing us the way we really are and letting us have fun doing it.  The slide show was brilliant and brought tears to my eyes!  

Thank you!!! 

David, Lisa, Samuel, and Gabriella

Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby J - Castle Rock Newborn Photographer

Oh sweet baby J...9 days old and as sweet as pie.  He slept. The entire time.  That never happens for me! Maybe it is because he was the youngest babe I've captured.  Or maybe he's just easy natured like that?  I don't know, but he wins major props for being so sweet, easy and malleable (yep, turns out, babies are malleable!)  I loved every minute of this session.  And love how much his Mama and Daddy doted on him.  He was a long time awaited, and truly, beyond that, he is crazy loved.

 Baby J - Newborn Portraits
May 30, 2011
Castle Rock, Colorado
crib tales photography -  studio
he's as sweet as tupelo honey...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

S Family - Monument Colorado Family Photographer

This was my third time photographing the S family - how fun is that?!  I love photographing families multiple times, seeing how their children grow and change.  It always touches me when I'm asked back again to photograph a family.  Knowing that they entrust me to capture their memories is the highest form of flattery.  

I loved seeing how big Jackson and Olivia have gotten, and more so how their personalities have bloomed.  We had a delightful (if slightly chilly - brrrr that wind!) morning in downtown Monument.  It was a perfect spot for exploring and playing and checking out the vintage mustang parked nearby!

S Family - Family Portraits
May 28, 2011
Monument, Colorado
crib tales photography -  on location
We are family...