Wednesday, June 15, 2011

F Family - Cruise with me baby... Denver Colorado Family Photographer

This family, oh my, gorgeous!  How do I get so lucky to have such beautiful clients?? This was so much fun.  Lisa and fam were not once but twice rescheduled due to freaky spring weather woes.  We finally got them back on the schedule and she approached me with a fun idea for a more stylized session...a vintage car that her friend was refinishing.  It was still in its rustic stage but was drivable and more important, very kid-friendly.  We met at a downtown Denver tortilla factory (yeah you read that right) where her friend stored his car (separate from the tortillas mind you) last weekend and immediately clicked.  It was just fun being in their family's presence!  We played around for well over an hour just checking out the 'hood, finding cool structures to photograph against, and oh yeah, they did some kiss'n, too!  What a totally cool and loving family! You could absolutely feel the love, as they say.

And the result, well, it was just magical!  I can't thank you enough Lisa, David, Samuel and Gabriella.  You allowed me to capture you all in a very cool way;  I just love having the opportunity to be creative and fresh with portrait sessions.  Thanks for rock'n it out!  

And if I may, I have to share Lisa's response to her images - it just made my day:


I can not thank you enough.  You are truly amazing.  From the time you took to get to know us and our vision to your finial product packaging to your amazing talent you have been beyond fantastic!  Thank you for capturing us the way we really are and letting us have fun doing it.  The slide show was brilliant and brought tears to my eyes!  

Thank you!!! 

David, Lisa, Samuel, and Gabriella

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