Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Girl - Castle Rock Colorado Baby Photographer

Did you know that my studio is in my home here in Castle Rock, Colorado - located in a beautiful little neighborhood in The Meadows?  We absolutely love living here, being involved in our community, and watching our boys grow and go to nearby schools and make what we hope are lifelong friends.  It is what I love about our community, and also why I love having a studio in my home.  If you come to a studio session (for newborns and little ones who aren't quite walking) you will likely meet my family - I shuttle them down to the basement with their Daddy when I'm working.  But they are here likely playing the Wii or outside in the sandbox, and when I wrap up a session usually they come up to meet my clients.  After all, my clients are usually totally entertained by the 4 and 7 year old boys who light up the room when they see babies smiling and cooing.  

The other reason I love using my home for studio sessions is because the props I use are a part of my life.  The crate I use frequently was a $3 garage sale find when I first moved to Seattle - it is now a coffee table in our living room, and a prop in my studio.  Bowls and baskets are gathered (and washed!) from throughout my house for each studio session.  Chairs are moved from my dining room, boys' rooms, and even my family room.  Accessories are from my frequent trips to local antique shops - my favorite is The Barn here in Castle Rock.  Or even the Task Force Thrift shop!  These accessories live in my home, and then are moved weekly for my weekend sessions.  I also sometimes stray from my studio into the living room to utilize the hardwood floor and my front door for gorgeous light.  Look closely - if you see hardwood floors in my portraits, they are not fakes.  They may have scuffs from a light saber or roller skates though!

 I put a lot of my life and myself into my portraits, and I hope that shows through in my work.  

And now, a session that took place all over my house - not just the studio.  This is my niece Chloe who visited us earlier this month.  You've seen her before.  My how she's grown!  My heart overflows with love for this gorgeous girl, and her sweet, beautiful Mama!


Lisa Weik said...

I LOVE the 6th one down and the 2nd one made me tear up! Beautiful!

Tales from the Crib said...

thank you friend! xox!