Tuesday, November 16, 2010

B Family - Seattle Newborn and Family Photographer

Nora and I went to middle school together.  20 years ago.  In Texas. We found each other again on Facebook.  She now lives in Washington (my adopted home state).  She was pregnant with her 2nd son and the photographer she had used for years had retired.  She said she wished I lived closer so I could do her newborn pictures.  I joked with her that if she flew me out I would happily take pictures of her new son and family.  She booked me a flight immediately.  And thus our friendship was renewed, I got to enjoy a mini-getaway to my beloved city, and most importantly I got to take portraits of this gorgeous family in a city of stunning, filtered light.  I also have 3 other sessions to share with you (as well as several beautiful local Colorado sessions that I am way behind on adding to the blog)!  

Thank you B family for...everything! Hope to see you again in another year or so!!

B family, including newborn Landon and full-blown-toddler Cash
Bellevue Botanical Gardens and Personal Residence, Newcastle Washington
November 4-5, 2010
My first 24 hour portrait session :-)

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