Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pike Family Reunion - Monument Family Photographer

Some of my favorite images from a recent family reunion I shot.  I know this family personally - my niece and nephew are a part of this family on their Dad's side, so they are, in essence, family to us.  So I was honored when they asked me to capture their event for them.  It has been seven years since their last reunion, and by the looks of things, they have all missed each other a great deal.  They are F.U.N. with a capital F!  After the more formal shots - which, let's be honest, were a total blast - they moved on to their family Olympic events including water balloon toss, egg toss, and a cake fight.  It was an event not to be soon forgotten.  

Thank you so much Pike family for letting me (and my family!) participate in your family gathering!!

See you in 7 more years!


mama.wads said...

Amy: I love, love ,love your journalistic view in your photography. It makes me feel such joy and warmth to see my family this way.

Thank you so much!
Aunt Judy

Tales from the Crib said...

Ah, thank you so much Judy! It was really a wonderful afternoon with wonderful people!