Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Family 2.0 - Castle Pines Family Photographer

This was my second time photographing the I family.  I love second (and third) time clients because I love seeing how much the kiddos change and grow!  Little man Kade was just a babe when we were together last winter, and he's definitely a full  fledged toddler now, full of smiles and wonder and a wee bit of shyness.  Kai has transformed from a toddler into a lively little boy, full of energy and a huge vocabulary of words.  It was a pleasure spending the morning with them and their (um, yeah, gorgeous!) parents.  I love how their true personality's came shining through in the images I captured!

those lashes are ahhh-mazing!
I'm a sucker for big brown eyes...was I lying? gorgeous!

look at that sweetie!
Yeah, I might keep him - think they'd notice?
what little boy doesn't love a wagon??
Is it any wonder their boys are so beautiful?!
This one needs to be a huge canvas art piece in their home, period.Yeah, Daddy's and their boys just melt my heart!  Thanks you guys!


kazia said...

beautiful portraits :)

Tales from the Crib said...

thank you! And thanks for stopping by!!