Friday, April 16, 2010

What to Wear...

One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients is “what should we wear to our session?” Of course this is completely your choice! But I'm also happy to make some suggestions to help you decide on a picture perfect look!

Since the majority of sessions are held out of doors, the most important thing to consider is comfort. If you and your family are comfortable, then you will be relaxed and at ease and comfortable in front of my lens. Make that your top priority. If the day of your session calls for a bit of a chill, think of brightly colored hats and scarves or cuddly winter sweaters. If sunny skies are forecast bring out your crisp khakis and summer whites. Selecting coordinating colors is a good idea, but don't feel constrained by color alone. Everyone in a winter fleece with varying colors is also a fun idea. Or select clothing in shades of coordinating colors such as grey, white and charcoal.

One other thing to consider is choosing a wardrobe that is as “timeless” as possible. Try forgoing trends and choose classic colors and styles that won't date your images in 5-10 years time. The same goes with hairstyles, make-up, and shoes. Simple is best. But also don't be afraid to bring along accessories that can be included in a few select portraits for a more current photo. Props can include hats, sunglasses, a scooter, or even the family pet!

The choices are endless. But below are some ideas to help get the ball rolling...

Casual & Coordinated:

Matchy-Matchy (but not too much!)


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