Saturday, June 27, 2009

N Family - June 2009

The N family was a delight to photograph. Having two (stinky) boys of my own, I jump at any chance I get to photograph sweet little girls. And these two little ones took the cake. Poor Daddy is so out-numbered (I know the feeling) -- even their pup is a girl! Thank you N family for a lovely time, and allowing me my "pink" fix for the afternoon!

I'm sort of in love with creating montages - can you tell?
Sadly, I have not done one for my own family yet!

I was torn on whether to post this or the full color because this little girl's eyes POP! But I love the vintage look with the wildflower she had tucked behind her ear.

SUCH a sweetheart!

You had me at "dah'ling!"

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