Monday, June 29, 2009

D Family Expecting! Highlands Ranch Maternity Photographer

**Post Script** - Welcome baby Aiden, born August 11 at 7lb 7oz. Congratulations Christi, Scott, Aiden and family! What a brighter world it is with him in it**

Christi & Scott, sitt'n in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

I loved shooting my first maternity photoshoot. Christi and Scott were such an incredible couple to work with, and so much fun! They more than tolerated my exuberance over getting to do a scenery and costume change, they welcomed it! And let me tell you, these two are pretty much the cutest, most in-love couple you could ever meet. Baby Aiden is due just a few weeks before their first wedding anniversary in August, and he's sure to be a beautiful, smart babe by the genes of his parents. Thank you Scott and Christi (and Aiden) for a wonderful, fun evening! I can't wait to meet him when he arrives!

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