Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo Portrait Display - Go Big!

Remember when I talked about doing a BIG wall portrait project? Well it is done. It is stunning (if I do say so myself). It brings me immense joy. I've actually been sick for several days and have spent a great deal of time on the couch looking up at this wall in my family room. It has made my recovery that much better. What could epitomize "family" more than this? For more details on how I did this wall, visit my family blog. I encourage you - past clients, future clients, blog stalkers, friends and family alike, to do something BIG in your home. Blow up your pictures. If they are done well you should have no problem getting really big enlargements done. If you are a past or present client I can also help you with this project (and if you are family or friend I'll probably help you out, too!). There are a plethora of layouts and designs you could work with. Follow my scaled plan or think outside the box, but most of all, think BIG!

PS - I'm booking now for gorgeous spring days!! I have lots of fun ideas and inspirations I would love to share with you. Drop me a line to book your session today. Spring greetings!!

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