Friday, November 20, 2009

G Family - Castle Rock Family Photographer

I have a favorite secret spot where I love to photograph families. OK, it isn't really a secret - it is the East Plum Creek Trail here in Castle Rock. But my secret is that I start at the end rather than the beginning. The scenery is gorgeous in this location - you get mountains, foliage, walking paths, and even a bridge if we get far enough into it. There is so much opportunity for that "gotcha!" shot. And the G family was no exception. In fact I probably got a dozen "gotcha!" shots at this session. It would be hard to go wrong with a family as beautiful as this one. And what a surprise when I delivered their final CD and found out they live just a minute away from me, in the exact same house as we have! Meeting wonderful new people like them is a big part of what I love most about my job. Thank you for a wonderful session G family - I hope to see you around the 'hood!

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